Web3 Safeguard Built For You

Experience the blockchain safely like never before. Gain insights from on-chain data analysis on entities and transactions.

Supported chains:

Ethereum Polygon BSC Tron

On-chain due deligence

Discover Insights You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Explore the blockchain with our comprehensive on-chain data analsyis tool. Get insights on addresses, transactions and assets that matters to you.
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Instant Notifications

Stay Ahead Of The Curve, Be The First To Know

Get notified about on-chain activities that are important to you via your favorite notification channels.
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Portfolio Manager

Monitor And Secure Your Portfolio Assets

Track your DeFi assets across mutiple blockchains with our ever protective portfolio manager.
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Developer tools

Unlock More Possibilities With Our API

Make the most of our easy-to integrate API to offer risk analysis and transaction monitoring solutions, facilitating compliance with AML/CFT requirements.
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Product roadmap

2023 - Q3

✅ Launch waitlist 🚀

⏳ Launch beta 🚀

⏳ v1 launch 🚀

2023 - Q4

⏳ BSC chain integration ⛓️

⏳ Polygon chain integration ⛓️

⏳ Arbitrum chain integration ⛓️

⏳ Solana chain integration ⛓️

2024 - Q1

⏳ Portfolio Monitoring 💼

⏳ Data visualization 📊

⏳ Sybil analysis

2024 - Q2

⏳ Dev tools 🛠️


⏳ Chrome extention 🧩

Frequently asked questions

We are actively working on the launch of Audix and are committed to delivering a top-notch experience. While we don't have an exact launch date at the moment, we encourage you to join our waitlist to stay updated. Waitlist members will be among the first to know about the launch date and any exclusive early access opportunities.
We plan to offer both free and premium versions of Audix. The free version will provide valuable features and benefits to all users, while the premium version will offer additional advanced functionalities and benefits for a subscription fee. We want to ensure that Audix is accessible to as many people as possible while also providing options for those who desire enhanced capabilities.
  • Anyone who is interested in Web3 and wants to be among the first to gain access to Audix.
  • Individuals who want to stay updated on Audix developments and launch dates.
  • Enthusiasts and early adopters who want to be part of Audix community from the beginning.
  • People looking to provide feedback and help shape the future of Audix.